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What makes us us? How do our brains work? Is there a mind-body divide? Is happiness achievable?  

Before training as a therapist, I worked as a health & psychology journalist writing for national newspapers, magazines, websites and specialist journals.

I continue to write, podcast and advise on journalism relating to psychology and mental health. 

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National Newspapers

My articles on psychology have appeared in The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph & The Daily Mail. This article appeared in The Observer. I wrote it a long time ago, but it remains one of my favourites.

Psychology articles for Readers' Digest

Readers' Digest commissioned me to write a series of psychology articles. This one focused on the connection between our bodies and our minds.

Consumer magazines

I write on psychology, mental health, and wellbeing for many consumer magazines. This feature for Psychologies explores how best to work with your personality type to achieve your goals.

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Readers' Digest Psychology Column
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